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April 19, 2015


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Line of Duty Death (LODD) Cancer - Brother Raymond Thomas L1657 - Hull, MA

International Association of Fire Fighters Information on Defined Benefit Pension plans

Defined Benefit Pension plans are important to help fire fighters retire with dignity. Watch this new IAFF pension video to help protect the retirement of fire fighters.

Posted by International Association of Fire Fighters on Thursday, July 24, 2014

The International Association of Fire Fighters has released this new video, please take a few moments to watch... then share with your friends. It explains how our Defined Benefit Pensions are Deferred Wages: “Every payday firefighters put part of their paycheck into their pension system and accept lower pay for receiving a pension when they retire…”

The Dropkick Murphys ‘Literally Hate’ Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

The Dropkick Murphys ‘Literally Hate’ Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

The Governor used a Dropkick song during an event, which didn't sit well with the band. 

By Steve Annear | Boston Daily | January 26, 2015 1:36 p.m.


A Facebook fan wants to know: why is a “union-busting” politician from Wisconsin using the music of a working-class-loving punk band from Boston to greet his supporters during a nationally televised event? The Dropkick Murphys—and their loyal following—aren’t too sure, but they want it to stop. Immediately.

Over the weekend, band members posted a Tweet and subsequent Facebook message telling Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to cease playing their song “Shipping Up to Boston” when making public appearances.

There was no beating around the bush or holding back when they addressed the news that Walker took the stage to the anthem (at around the three-hour, 22-minute mark) during the Iowa Freedom Summit:

Hate is a strong word, but the reason The Dropkick Murphys were so adamant that Walker, in particular, not use their song, is because of the values that the band stands for. That, and they previously warned other Wisconsinites who support Walker not to use their music back in 2012:

We just got word that Wisconsin State Rep. and Speaker of the State Assembly Jeff Fitzgerald used “Shipping Up To Boston” as his walk-on song yesterday at the Wisconsin GOP Convention in Green Bay. The stupidity and irony of this is laughable. A Wisconsin Republican U.S. Senate candidate – and crony of anti-Union Governor Scott Walker – using a Dropkick Murphys song as an intro is like a white supremacist coming out to gangsta rap! Fitzgerald: if you and your staff can’t even figure out your music you might wanna give up on the politics!!!!!

Walker is known as the Republican governor who introduced legislation in 2011, called Act 10, that essentially stripped public unions of their collective bargaining rights. The Dropkick Murphys didn’t like that, as made clear when they blasted Fitzgerald back in 2012, a year after the legislation was passed.

“We stand beside our Union and Labor brothers and sisters and their families in Wisconsin and all over the U.S.,” they wrote at the time.

After all, they did support Mayor Marty Walsh, a “union guy.”


Real Chicago Fire Heroes Quietly End Made-For-TV Careers

CHICAGO — On Sept. 4, 1979, three young men joined the Chicago Fire Department ranks without having any idea that each of them in their own way would leave indelible marks on the job they loved. After graduating from the fire academy, Jose Santiago, Dan Fabrizio and Steve Chikerotis were reunited on the “flying” Rescue Squad 2 — then the busiest firefighting team in the department, charged with making some of the scariest rescues their city could muster. This month, two of them — Fabrizio and Chikerotis — retired from active duty after 35 years.

I-Team: Lightweight Beams May Contribute To Devastating House Fires (WBZ-TV)

BOSTON (CBS) – The I-Team investigates a widely used building material that could pose a serious danger. It’s the same material that firefighters say contributed to a massive fire that tore through a New Jersey apartment building and it’s also in thousands of New England homes.

Swapmscott Local 1459 Brother Pierro Fund Established

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